Written By: Charles Rosenberg

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Attorney Rosenberg puts his professional expertise to good use in this tale of academic infighting and legal intrigue, the sequel to 2011’s Death on a High Floor. Jenna James has traded a career in corporate law for a tenure-track position as a law professor at UCLA. Her assured ascent to the lofty peaks of academic job security hits a road bump when Primo Giordano, a student with an implausible story about lost treasure, dies after drinking poisoned coffee in James’s office. James becomes a suspect and must also contend with a spiteful colleague capitalizing on the death to sabotage her bid for tenure, as well as a series of suspicious accidents. Was Primo the intended victim of the poison—or was it James? She turns to an assortment of allies, from the dead boy’s ex-girlfriend to a former murder defendant, for answers. While the prose is at best serviceable, the intertwined mysteries at the book’s core neatly combine the entertainingly sordid and the believably absurd.

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What is Death on a High Floor?

When much-despised Marbury Marfan senior partner Simon Rafer turns up dead, with an ornate dagger buried between his shoulder blades, it comes as a surprise to no one. Rafer had recently been on the warpath, clearing out the “dead wood” partners from the firm, not to mention any associate who dared cross him. A thousand attorneys, scattered across four continents, had good reason to want Rafer in the ground, but homicide Detective Spritz has his eye trained on only one–senior partner Robert Tarza, with his shadowy connection to a rare and infamous ancient coin. Robert and his friend and colleague–and maybe a bit more–Jenna are soon forced to play detective themselves, in a race to find the real killer or killers before Spritz assembles what looks to be an airtight case. But in the end, only Jenna’s trial skills will stand between Robert and a free room at San Quentin.

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